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Padenga operates three farms located on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, producing premium quality skins and meat for export to Europe and Asia. We are one of the largest Nile Crocodile farming operations in Africa and currently supply approximately 33% of the world’s demand for large, high-quality skins.


Crocodiles are sourced from eggs collected from the wild and from our own breeding stock. We have developed infrastructure, systems and animal husbandry techniques that allow us to produce a consistent quality and size of skin that differentiates us from other producers and secure our position in the market. Few other producers of Nile skins in the world are currently able to consistently match the standards set by Padenga.

Padenga is a Shona word that refers to or describes a high point such as on top of a roof, on top of a tree or a mountain

top or above the clouds. It may be used to refer to something intangible, indescribable, lofty and exalted.


Padenga describes a desirable position, a place of comfort and authority. Class, quality, luxury, brilliance, aspiration

and affability are all words that may be associated with Padenga.


The adoption of the word Padenga for the Company’s name describes and symbolises the Company’s vision to be

regarded as the world’s foremost supplier of premium quality Nile crocodile skins to the exclusive luxury leather

fashion brands.

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